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Utilities & Infrastructure

Sun Rivers has set a new standard for the comprehensive delivery of municipal services and utilities on leasehold land which includes the creation of one of the first private multi-utility companies in Canada. Along with geothermal heating and cooling, Corix Multi-Utility Service owns and operates and delivers utility services to individual residents, as well as maintaining the roads, parks, sidewalks, street lights, boulevards and other community infrastructure.

Sun Rivers’ residents receive one convenient monthly bill for all their utility services. Other services include 911, fire protection, police protection, library access, schools and busing, paramedic and ambulance service, hospitals and public health facilities in the City of Kamloops.

The precedent setting Head Lease, Sub-Lease and Master Development and Servicing Agreement clearly sets out the process by which taxes for services are levied. Sun Rivers’ residents pay reasonably comparable property taxes to the City of Kamloops based on assessed values determined by the BC Assessment Authority and qualify for the Home Owner Grants as would any other resident of Kamloops. The unique agreement ensures Sun Rivers’ residents will enjoy a high standard of services into the future.


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